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Tony Holler on the Resilient Performance Podcast

Tony Holler Resilient Performance Podcast

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Tony Holler has been a teacher for 38 years and presently teaches Honors Chemistry at Plainfield North High School in Plainfield, IL. He also has 38 years experience coaching football, basketball, and track. Tony is presently the Head Track Coach and Freshman Head Football Coach at Plainfield North. He is a member of the Illinois Track and Field Hall of Fame and coached multiple teams to state track championships. A coveted author and speaker, Tony is also co-director of the Track-Football Consortium.

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Mladen Jovanovic on the Resilient Performance Podcast

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Mladen Javonovic is a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia. He has held positions as a strength and conditioning coach and data scientist for Port Adelaid Football Club in Australia and as a football physiologist for Aspire Academy in Qatar. He is currently completing his PhD in Sports Science at the University of Belgrade.

Topics Covered:

  1. How Machiavelli’s “The Prince” influenced Mladen’s coaching philosophy
  2. Other philosophy-based books that have influenced Mladen’s approach to physical preparation
  3. How Mladen determines when to prioritize macro level concepts vs. micro level ones to audit himself as a coach
  4. How Mladen reconciles his respect for modeling, statistics, and data with his skepticism of scienticism and blind faith in quantification
  5. Mladen’s thoughts on “injury prevention”
  6. Explanatory vs. predictive statistical modeling
  7. What evidenced based practice really is
  8. Statistics resources for non-researchers

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Physical Preparation Podcast with Trevor Rappa and Greg Spatz

Just last week, Resilient’s Trevor Rappa and Greg Spatz were guests on the popular Physical Preparation Podcast hosted by Mike Robertson. Click the button below to read more and listen to the episode…

Here’s the episode outline:

  • MR’s Monologue: You Get Paid for DONE
  • How Trevor and Greg originally met, and got into the world of physical preparation.
  • Their career paths, and how they ultimately came together (along with Doug Kechijian) to form Resilient.
  • The role of the physical therapist under the umbrella of “physical preparation.”
  • Why the next wave of physical therapists will focus not only on treatment, but an understanding of performance as well.
  • Their dynamic assessment process, and why they focus on getting their patients moving as quickly as possible.
  • Is there such a thing as “perfect movement?” And if not, what should we be striving for?
  • The realities of running a cash-based physical therapy business in New York City.
  • The BIG Question.
  • The always entertaining lightning round where we discuss how they make Resilient work (and Doug’s resemblance to every 80’s movie star), the books they’re into right now, the advice they’d give to someone who wants to go to PT school, and what’s next for the boys at Resilient (Spoiler Alert: BIG THINGS!!!)