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What is Resilient For Life?

There are numerous workout programs and fitness products out there promising short term results with no long term plan.

They want you to achieve an unrealistic goal in an unreasonable amount of time by punishing yourself in the gym. This is unsustainable.

We want to create a different mindset because you are already awesome! The Resilient For Life program is designed to be a health journey focused on getting you doing the things you love. We want you to enjoy life and use training to make you healthier, more confident, and empowered.

Wherever you’re starting from — whether it’s never training previously or being a former gym rat — this program can help you move better for the long haul.

We don’t care about how heavy the weights are, how complex the movements are, or how tired you are at the end of a workout. Our focus is improving the efficiency of movement to keep you safe in the gym while slowly progressing qualities like strength, mobility, and fitness (to name a few).

We are excited to join you on the journey of being Resilient for Life!

By signing up for this program you gain exclusive access to:

  • A monthly program update to progress through each phase
  • Private message boards for each phase
  • Education and discussion on various fitness trends
  • Breakdown of exercise technique to keep you safe and in the gym
  • Database of video resources for every exercise

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